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What works

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

We've tried a bit of live online playing between Luke, Joe, Charlie and I, but the hurdle of the delay in sending signals between Australia and Scotland is an issue when playing music together. We have continued to send recorded files back and fore as a reliable way of collaborating. This also allows us to take our time over composing and recording parts.

We have given the Pro Tools Cloud collaboration a go and to start off with it looked quite promising. This should allow us to all work on the same online recorded project overdubbing our instruments and building up a recording. Initially, I created basic sessions which we then were able to all share and record on.

As more tracks were added we ran into more and more difficulties; some new tracks were not uploading and sometimes we were being continually logged out of our account. Perhaps if we all had really fast fibre optic broadband connections then it might have worked better but that's not the current reality.

What has worked well is sharing WAV files with the same starting point to a shared Dropbox folder.

It works consistently well across any platform and is really easy for all of us to use.

We have also been sharing walks through the landscape where we live. This one looks like it is really remote but is only about 5 miles from where I live in Fife.

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