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  • Quee MacArthur

The Bridge

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

We left the byre and walked on, stopping at the edge of Loch Dubh.

Clinging to the loch’s steep banks, birch and rowan trees framed the dark waters in green. By the edge of a tiny field, the walls of a carefully constructed storehouse remained, wedged between giant boulders. The path soon widened into a Land Rover track and we spotted a wooden box floating on a pool. Peering closer, we could just make out the words 'mink trap’ on a small label. A larger notice on the fence explained “American mink are an invasive predator. They are trapped and humanely put down to protect the indigenous wildlife”. The track descended gently until we stood on a bridge looking out towards a sunlit Loch Roe. When we turned to look inland, we could see the rusty railings of an older bridge, holding up the crumbling beams and planks.

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