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  • Quee MacArthur

Telluric Translations

As we are now in January 2022, I am of course reminded of all the things that happened last year, the seemingly endlessly changing Covid Rules and restrictions on gigs and travel. As well as the frustration that went with all of that, I am am also very glad that I started a remote collaboration with Luke Plumb in Tasmania, Charlie Grey on Lismore and Joseph Peach in Glasgow. We made some new music together by sending files back and forth and having regular zoom chats to decide what to do next. The whole project was inspired by the landscape that was local to each of us at that time and it was quite a contrast being in the depths of winter here while Luke was in the middle of summer. This is one of Luke's photos from Tasmania. It looks so dry! we are planning to revisit the tunes we started and arrange them into tracks for an album later this year.

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