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Telluric Translations

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

This is the first week of Telluric Translations.

Telluric Translations is a research and development project made possible with support from Creative Scotland's Open Fund. I will lead a remote collaboration with musicians, Luke Plumb, Charlie Grey and Joseph Peach to experiment with improvising together and explore different ways of collaborating online.

We are using creative tasks to focus our attention on our immediate environments across Scotland and in Tasmania. We will align these to specific aspects of musical composition and arrangement. Using these ‘translations’ as an alternative ‘score’, we will record bass, bouzouki, keys, fiddle and mandolin to make new music.

We will also experiment with simultaneous recording online using different software, and online platforms to explore the possibilities for playing together over the internet.

I might by start by trying to translate the view from my studio window on the coldest day this year!

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