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  • Quee MacArthur

Sea Path

During the last few months, Dawn and I have spent time on daily walks and an idea began to take hold. Could we create an online exhibition in partnership with The Byre Theatre, made up of the experiences of these walks? What might inspire others to pause, take a photo, record sounds using their phone or sketch, for example? And gradually the concept of  creating tasks for anyone to try out on Sea Path Walks around St Andrews evolved.

We invited fellow freelancers, Hazel Terry (Visual Art) and Niamh O'Loughlin (Dance) to contribute their ideas and a short performance video was filmed by Brian Hartley, featuring dancer, Jade Adamson, on the Fife Coastal Path near Kingsbarns.

I wrote a new sound score including playing from my pals, acclaimed musicians, Charlie Grey and Joseph Peach. The Sea Path video will be premiered on Monday 21 September on the Byre website from 3pm

We’ll invite viewers to download Sea Path Walks from the Byre website. Each walk contains prompts devised by the artistic team to encourage writing, drawing, photography, film, painting, moving, singing… whatever inspires you. 

Share what you make when you’re on your Sea Path Walk.

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