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  • Quee MacArthur

Inside and Outside

Dawn and I have been going out for a walk every day since the social distancing rules came in. We usually try and go for a walk anyway, but it seems a bit more important to get out for a bit as we are not going anywhere else. It is quite easy to keep a good amount of distance between everyone here in Newburgh. Most people I see are walking their dogs. Dogs don't know about social distancing and try to get as close to everyone as possible and would probably lick everyones face given the opportunity! I always think they look a bit disappointed when I ignore them. There have been some very welcome signs of spring like the blossom in the photo. Wild garlic is coming up and the wild primroses are coming out here. I have been editing some of the Memory Path recordings and sending tracks to my collaborators as well as trying to figure what is going on with some help for the self employed from the government. Apparently there will be an announcement tomorrow. We live in hope....

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