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Looking Back on 2019

Some extraordinary things happened in 2019 for me. In early May I walked from Lochinver to Clachtoll with Charlie Grey and Joseph Peach. We were getting inspiration from the landscape there to write some music based on our Journey. I came up with the title Memory Path. We were very lucky with the weather as we had a good bit of sunshine most of the way. Charlie and I had put up our respective tents in Clachtoll before Joe drove us to Lochinver so when we finally got to Clachtoll there was nothing much to do but sit on the beach and cook tea. We managed to fit in a quick visit to the broch before it got dark. It was a great day and we got some good ideas for tunes.

I had chosen that particular route because I had walked that way with a bunch of friends when I was 18. We were staying in Elphin in the old schoolhouse there and Ken Sutherland suggested we should walk from the road end near Lochinver. In many ways it was quite an ordinary walk but I vividly recall when we arrived in Clachtoll the sun was shining in our faces and the smooth green grass and red sandstone rocks made an amazing contrast against the sea.

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